Headrest Helper - Multi-Hook Hanger Keeps Items Within Reach And Off The Floor
Headrest Helper - Securely Holds Groceries, Purses, Dry Cleaning, Sports Bags and More

Headrest Helper - Keep purses, briefcases, and bags within easy reach on the BACK or FRONT of seats and from spilling onto the floor
Headrest Helper - Easily Attaches On The Back Or Front Of Seats To Securely Hold All Your Items
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Headrest Helper Features:
  • Multi-hook hanger adjusts to fit your headrest
  • Slips on fast and easy with no tools
  • Features 2 heavy-duty hooks
  • Hang and securely hold items off the floor
  • Use on the front or back of seats
  • Stops spills and keep items within easy reach
  • Reclaim floor space and cargo room in the trunk
  • Soft cushion handle for carrying items inside
  • Great for groceries, purses, shopping bags, briefcases, backpacks, sports equipment, dry cleaning, umbrellas and more
  • Holds over fifty pounds

Headrest Helper Offer

Offer Details: Headrest Helper™ is the multi-hook headrest hanger that keeps items within reach and off the floor! Through this special offer, you get 2 Headrest Helper hangers for only $10.00, plus $6.99 P&H. BUT WAIT, we will include another 2 Headrest Helper hangers! Just pay additional $6.99 P&H. Each offer ordered today totals to $23.98.

Offer includes: (4) Headrest Helper™ hangers